Saint Augustine Condos GPS Locations and Maps





St Augustine Condos GPS Locations


Anastasia by the Sea

Atlantic East
Barefoot Trace
Beacher's Lodge

Ponce Landing
Ocean Gallery

Ocean House
Ocean Village Club
Sea Place
Spanish Trace
Seaside at Anastasia
Sea Haven



My name is Rick Ginn. I am a Saint Johns County real estate broker. The GPS locations of these condos were obtained by marking each location with my Garmin GPS.  I marked these condos to help my customers find condos using their GPS. Please note these numbers are for informational purposes only. Please verify before using. Readings taken with other GPS devices will be different. With the boom of the smart phone and GPS Navigation Systems designed for cars I have designed web pages with Latitude/Longitude information for St. Augustine and Crescent Beach Florida. Each page has gps coordinates, address and a map for areas in St. Johns County including Saint Augustine and Crescent Beach Florida. Enter the coordinates provided on your device and receive driving directions to different areas of Saint Augustine. If you do not see the condo your interested in then email me and I will send it to you.







Condominiums in Saint Augustine Florida

St. Augustine condos provides a real estate search engine that helps people find condominiums in Saint Augustine Florida and other listings for sale. Local realtors give expertise not found on the national real estate portal sites. Our agents live in Saint Augustine Florida and show these properties regularly. We make finding a condominium in St. Augustine Beach easy  by breaking down MLS listings for you. We break down the different property type into Homes, Condos, Land and Commercial. Each property type is broken down into waterfront condos, beachfront condos, Golf condos, and different price ranges. We take St. Johns County Real Estate and organize it into areas such as Crescent Beach, St. Augustine Beach, Vilano Beach etc. This will help you sort through the MLS listing information quickly and find properties in Saint Augustine Beach that you would not see doing a regular search. The best thing about the service is that when you complete your search and contact us you will get a realtor that lives here and knows the real estate market here in St. John's County. We try to answer every call and respond to every email quickly. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


Beach front real estate for sale

Many of the beachfront condos in St. Augustine are waterfront. However, the term "beachfront" can be confusing. When we use the term "beachfront condos," we are referring to beachfront condominium complexes. At a beachfront condo complex, some units are direct oceanfront, while other units may be ocean view or have no ocean view at all. If all of the units in a complex are direct oceanfront condos, we call this an "oceanfront" complex. We hope this helps you understand the difference between beachfront condos and oceanfront condos.


A lot of the beachfront condos in Florida are located in large cities with huge skyscrapers, busy streets and crowded beaches. Saint Augustine beaches are more laid back, less developed and easier to travel. Most of the condos in St. Augustine are oceanfront or Intracoastal front condominiums. There are many waterfront locations in Saint Augustine that offer the small city atmosphere with an old city charm. St Augustine is the nation's oldest city with many attractions and unspoiled nature preserves.


Vacation condos in St. Augustine

Vacation condos are the first to react to market changes. Most people will sell the vacation condo before the sell their home or other real estate investments. Beachfront vacation resorts tend to hold there value because waterfront condos are in more demand. Sometimes the value of a vacation home exceeds the value of an owners primary residences.















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